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September 24, 2009

Confession of an occasional chauvenist

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I read this afternoon that Barbie is the latest toy to get the movie treatment, as a live-action film based on the doll (celebrating its 50th anniversary this year) is in the works.

My first thought: “How stupid. Who would go see a movie based on a doll?”

But then I realized the answer: Me.

I like the “Transformers” film series. I haven’t seen “G.I. Joe,” but I would see it if given the chance.

So upon further reflection, it seems as though my thought process was based purely on the fact that subject in question this time was a girl’s toy, not a boy’s toy (at least in stereotypical circles).

I have to admit: I’m wrong. I should not think this way. Why shouldn’t the female persuasion of toy-lovers have the same chance for reminiscence as the “Transformers” series gave me and so many other men? Who am I to say in 10 years, when my daughter wants to rent the movie, that it’s “dumb” just because I never played with Barbies?

So go for it, Barbie. I probably won’t watch, but you deserve the same chance Optimus Prime had.

Good luck.


Here is the story from the AP on the subject.

Barbie is the latest toy to get her own Hollywood deal for a live-action movie.
Universal Pictures has acquired the rights for a movie based on the Mattel dolls. The Barbie flick will follow such toy-based hits as the “Transformers” movies and “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.”
Laurence Mark, whose credits include “Dreamgirls” and “Jerry Maguire,” is producing. Mattel executives Richard Dickson and Rob Hudnut will be executive producers.
Universal has released animated Barbie movies on home video, but this will be Barbie’s first live-action adventure.


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