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July 30, 2009

Sports commentary lacks value, sense

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Here is a blog post written by U.S. News & World Report scribe Bonnie Erbe on the Erin Andrews scandal. She states that women should stop watching sports, that all men are bad because they watch sports and all sports are bad.

Here is the response I posted on the shrew’s blog page:

I have a daughter. I will encourage her to watch sports as much as possible as she matures (not pay attention to millionaire holdouts and steroid scandals, but watch games). She’ll learn how to win, how to lose, how to behave in a sporting manner, how to compete and how to constructively channel her daily frustration into a nightly release of taking in a game.
If you think there were absolutely zero women involved in spreading the Erin Andrews situation, you’re as naive as the sports-loving women you criticize.
Of course, there’s nothing right about what happened to Andrews, but really, what does that have to do with the games themselves? The only tie-in I can see is that Andrews does a sub-par job of sideline reporting for some games. So does that mean that all female sportscasters and reporters, who only in the last 15 years or so have made real strides in trying to level the gender gap in their chosen profession, should walk out on their career dreams?
And as for your argument about women boycotting games, get real. I enjoy watching sports with my wife, and I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to watch games with us, but a lot of men would quite frankly probably prefer to watch sports only with their guy friends. That would hardly do anything to stop men from “behaving badly,” as if my watching a Bills game means that I’m going to go loot the corner liquor store or something.
And ask Yankees fans who remember the team’s run in the 2001 playoffs – right after Sept. 11 destroyed their city and their hope – if sports culture is nothing but bad. Ask sports fans of last-place Olympic participants, who still wave their flags and cheer on their athletes as the competitors meander to the finish line because it’s the fact that you finish that really matters, if sports culture is nothing but bad. Ask father-and-son golfers whose sole connections are the rounds they shoot and watch together if sports culture is nothing but bad.
The Andrews situation was reprehensible, but the leap of logic you make to vilify the sports that are played – and the women who like them – is illogical, irrational and makes you sound incomprehensibly unintelligent. The only waste of time here is you.


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