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June 24, 2009

‘Superstars’ offers supermodel meltdown, little else

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I happened to catch most of “Superstars” on Tuesday night. The ABC series is a revival of a 1970s-80s competition pairing athletes with celebrities in a series of athletic events for no particular reason.

The show was average – no, make that poor – overall, but seeing Bills receiver Terrell Owens become the recipient of a tongue lashing was sort of entertaining. His partner, model Joanna Krupa, lost it after Owens made a mistake on the obstacle course. She began swearing at him and questioning his athletic ability, then wouldn’t let up even after she screwed up later on and led to the team being eliminated.

“What do you get a million for?” she asked T.O. in complete disgust. “Why so cocky?”

The best part was the reaction from Owens, who remained silent until the duo walked off the set at the very end: “I really feel sorry for your boyfriend.”

As for the rest of the show, it’s complete garbage. The action is drawn out, the “drama” is not compelling and there’s just something about seeing millionaires compete alongside a posh resort in the Bahamas that’s off-putting. I would rather stare at a blank TV screen than watch again. Announcer John Saunders provides unintentional comedy, though, in trying to make the proceedings dramatic (as if a race pitting bicyclers against runners could be any more dramatic).

Owens, for his part, was fairly silent on the matter via Twitter: “How about my Superstars performance?”


Word is today that Owens and Krupa will return to the show due to another contestant’s injury as the series progresses. No word on when the bombastic duo will return to the series.


Below is some unedited footage of Krupa’s tirade. Note that the contents are R-rated.


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