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May 22, 2009

Kiss on ‘American Idol?’ Sure, why not?

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I was not a faithful “American Idol” viewer this past season by any means, but I did manage to catch bits and pieces of Wednesday’s finale.

Kiss as seen at the "American Idol" finale. (Photo by The Associated Press)

Kiss as seen at the "American Idol" finale. (Photo by The Associated Press)

Aside from the fact that Kris Allen actually won the darn thing, the biggest surprise for me came when I actually enjoyed one of the musical interludes.

I was cleaning the toys up in the computer room listening to the show, when Adam Lambert began singing Kiss’ “Beth.” It sounded, well, great, and then he introduced the band.

They came out (the audience was much more receptive than you’d expect a bunch of teeny-boppers and pop music clones/fans to be) and went right into “Detroit Rock City,” with Lambert joining Paul Stanley on the vocals.

I gotta tell ya, Lambert blew the band right off the stage. His performace was slightly theatrical (hard to notice when standing in between four makeup-clad guys) but it was still outstanding. He actually improved that song and the finale of the mini-set, “Rock and Roll All Night.”

One might expect an “Idol” finalist and Kiss to be polar opposites, but Lambert fit right in, both vocally and in terms of his stage presence. If he for some reason performed with the band again, I’d pay to see it.

Lambert would appear to have all kinds of options available to him after placing second on the show. But if he wanted to get into rock ‘n roll, he proved that there’d be a place for him. I know that Kiss only went on the show because of the earning potential “Idol” has, but they represented the Kiss Army well and, in the process, uncovered a potential new colonel.

I’d critique the rest of the finale here, but it stunk. All of it. Every minute. Except for Kiss, it was a waste of two hours.


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  1. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.. Can’t wait for the next seasons auditions to start!

    Comment by Lost Blogger — August 14, 2009 @ 5:44 am | Reply

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