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May 8, 2009

She’s a persistent one, that daughter of mine

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For a short while, Penny was infatuated with my first name, uttering it as though “Paul” was the word that meant every single person, place and thing she saw.

That habit thankfully died out after a few weeks, but a second wave of Pauliosis has overcome that baby girl, one that’s still a tiny bit amusing even as it’s becoming clear that it will be harder to shake this time.

Last weekend, Penny suddenly reverted from Daddy back to Paul. She’d say Daddy just to suck me in, then smirk, utter Paul and gleefully continue as I corrected her time after time.

My wife suggested ignoring her using my given name, which I’ve tried throughout this past week. That’s not so easy, though, when she so cutely says “Paul, Paul, Paul” while grabbing my face with both hands and trying to turn my head so that I’m looking right at her. I attentively respond whenever she sneaks a Daddy in there, but it’s quickly replaced with another Paul, and the game goes on.

Penny’s also started calling her maternal grandmother by Ma’s first name, which is kinda cute but equally not so good.

We really have no idea what’s triggered this relapse. It will be corrected in time, but the time in between will involve a lot of gentle correcting and ignoring, both of which are not what we want to spend our time doing with Penny.

And Penny’s doing a lot of resisting – stubbornness, it might be called by some people. I don’t know where she possibly have gotten that from, certainly not Dear Ol’ Dad.


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  1. whats wrong with being known by one name? Especially when it is said so beloved! I say she is just a very smart baby.

    Comment by Mar — May 10, 2009 @ 7:23 pm | Reply

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