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April 8, 2009

Get your Kiss on: Bring the band to your town

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Kiss is getting interactive for its next tour, allowing the rock band’s fans to decide the group’s entire itinerary.

American and Canadian fans can log on to a Web site that allows them to vote for their hometowns. The top-polling cities will be the places that Kiss will visit on the tour, which is set to start in September. Voters will have early access to tickets in their towns.

As of when I voted Wednesday afternoon, Buffalo was 45th on the list of nearly 5,700 communities.

This puts some smaller communities at a disadvantage, but all in all it’s a great idea. It gets people involved, and it could allow some normally excluded markets to see the glam rockers live.

Sure, they’re just doing it for the money and the press, but a good idea is a good idea.


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