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March 31, 2009

WNY’s ‘Prison Break’ star shows the love for hometown teams

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I did an interview this afternoon with William Fichtner, the Cheektowaga native who plays Alex Mahone on413_dealornodeal_00592 Fox’s “Prison Break.” I don’t want to reveal too much about the interview, which will appear in Night & Day on April 16 and will detail the final episodes of the four-year series, but I wanted to share the passion Fichtner still has for his hometown teams.

When I asked him about the Sabres’ playoff chances, Fichtner – speaking from Los Angeles – let out a disgusted sigh and his voice raised a couple decibles in describing Buffalo’s playoff chances.

“There was that monumental collapse against the Islanders, an afternoon game,” he said. “You can not lose those games and have a shot at the playoffs.”

While attributing some of the team’s erratic play to goaltending – “We missed Miller tremendously,” he said of Buffalo’s starting netminder Ryan – he said continuing the team’s current hot streak will right all wrongs.

“The bottom line is if we win the rest of our games, we get in the playoffs,” he said.

As for his other hometown team, Fichtner had mostly good things to say about the Bills’ signing of wide receiver Terrell Owens.

“T.O. is one of the only people that, for bad behavior, was literally asked to leave the Philadelphia Eagles,” he said. “But I think he’s got a year or two of great football left in him. To have him on the Bills with Edwards, Evans and some of our other impact players, that’s exciting … he oculd mean a couple more wins, and two or three more wins from last year gets us in the playoffs.”

Check with Night & Day to read about Mahone’s thoughts on the series’ conclusion, his character’s development and what he’s doing next with his career.



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  2. Fichtner is beyond awesome and so hot in the bargain!

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