Life in the Slow Lane

March 23, 2009

Daughter + vaccum = newest infatuation

Filed under: Life,Parenting — pauljlane @ 12:18 pm

So there I was Sunday, vaccuming our living room, when Penny decided to come over.

She usually will laugh when I pretend to “get her” with the vaccum, but this time her curiosity oozed over. She wanted the vaccum – and she wanted it now.

First she helped me with some of the vaccuming, learning which was “push” and which was “pull.” Then she put her face over the hole that air was blowing out of, causing her to giggle with delight as the air forced her hair to scatter about. Then, for reasons I can’t explain, she tried to sit on the vaccum over … and over … and over again, as though she were taking over in Mario’s quest to stomp Koopas.

She spent the rest of the time trying to get in front of the vaccum and either grab it or plunk her bum on it. All the while, she was amazed by the device, even trying to take it apart when it came time to empty the contraption that collects all the dust and hair.

Seeing her enjoy the vaccum so much was strange, but it was pretty amusing as well. Now if I could just get her to be as enthusastic about the laundry …


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