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March 10, 2009

Is there hope for the newspaper industry?

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Check out this story from Time about how to save newspapers. It’s an interesting read.

Remember that the world will be much worse off without newspapers (not just because I’ll have to work at Target if they disappear). The best reporting and analysis goes on in newspapers, and newspaper reporters are the people who break almost every major story (TV news, while people prefer it for whatever reason, relies mostly upon rehashing the headlines from that day’s newspapers and complementing that with new cop reports).

Barry Bonds would probably still be playing baseball and not in steriod trouble if not for two San Francisco newspaper reporters. Watergate might still just be a hotel in Washington, D.C., if not for newspaper reporters. The Rigas family might be sitting on a pile of money it made by selling the Sabres to people in Kansas City if newspaper reporters hadn’t snooped around into their fradulent financial practices.

I don’t know if there’s a way to save newspapers, now that the younger generation is so used to surfing the Web for everything. But remember that, as interesting as blogs like this one are, you do NOT want them to be your main source of information (a good deal of bloggers, after all, never leave their parents’ basement).

So do anything you can to support your local newspaper. Your right to be informed may depend on it.


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