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February 18, 2009

Review of Bacon Brothers’ ‘New Year’s Day’

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As promised in print, here is my review of the latest Bacon Brothers album, “New Year’s Day.” Here is the preview story I wrote that appeared in Night & Day.

If you’re left unsure of how to feel after listening to the latest album from the Bacon Brothers, don’t worry.
With touches of blues, country, island music and folk rock, “New Year’s Day” takes the listener all over the emotional map.
The final destination, at least, isn’t a half-bad place to end up. bacon-brothers
Adding to the cornucopia of sounds is the fact that the brothers — Kevin and Michael — swap songwriting and vocal duties. The listener assuredly does not get the same recording twice, with each person adding their own touches to the song they’re leading.
The record opens with “Go My Way,” which features a lively bounce accented by a bluesy, syncopated guitar line. This song is easily the most active effort on the record, as many of the remaining tracks have a more laid-back feel.
“Almost Got Rich” offers a Counting Crows light rock feel, while an off-beat Jamacian rhythm backs “Bunch of Words.” And locals get their props on “Tell Me What I Have to Do,” a folksy ballad that opens with a mention of the region’s main attraction: “Can’t walk on water, I barely swim at all/But give me a sign and I’ll climb in a barrel and go over Niagara Falls.”
This album, like the Bacons’ previous efforts, will not make the band famous (for their collaborative musical efforts, at least). But both men know how to work a pen and guitar — although a few of the tracks on this album are instantly forgettable — and their final product is an indication that they enjoy their music regardless of how it’s received compared to their full-time work.
Grade: B


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