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December 15, 2008

Buffalo sports talk hosts prefer inanity to insight

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Even though I often disagree with their viewpoints and on-air tactics, I admit that I still listen to Schopp and the Bulldog on WGR 550 at times on my drive home from work. They (well, mostly the Bulldog) offer intelligent opinions, but the way they (well, mostly Schopp) treats anyone with a dissenting opinion is ridiculous; you’ll either be told that you’re wrong, hung up on and ridiculed, or just hung up on and ridiculed.

That does at times make for entertaining radio, and they seemed objective enough to warrant not completely tuning the show out.

That all changed Sunday.

While listening to their postgame show Sunday after the Bills fumbled away a victory and dropped a 31-27 decision to the Jets, Schopp and the Bulldog spent their show defending the Bills’ decision to run a pass play with 2:06 left in the game, which J.P. Losman fumbled and the Jets returned for the winning score.

The same guys who have spent weeks calling for Losman and coach Dick Jauron to be fired spent Sunday evening saying the play wasn’t that bad a call (despite the Bills’ having run all over the Jets all day) and that it was justified.

That convinced me that the duo is only out to stir the pot. How hypocritical do you have to be to sit there and all week – especially when outspoken Buffalo news columnist Jerry Sullivan is on the show and shouting out the same sentiment, and they have to appear chummy with him – call for Jauron’s head, then defend his play-calling on the worst call he’s made all season?

These are the same two men who earlier in the week almost ran ESPN football writer John Clayton off the air for saying Jauron migh be justified in working in Buffalo next season. There’s no possible reason for reversing course so quickly except that the men only want to get people worked up.

The duo spent the evening hanging up on callers who disagreed with them and defending their incomprehensibly reached conclusion. Even if they’re the only game in town for sports talk, I don’t think Schopp and the Bulldog have an ounce of credibility left, and I think I’m tuning out for good. Considering the lack of respect they (again, mostly Schopp) show the general public, everyone else should do the same thing.



  1. Schopp and Bulldog are jokes.

    A few months ago I was listening to the afternoon sports talk in Cleveland and the host made reference to his callers being able to “call in and share their opinion” and how you can’t do that in “buffalo.”

    Also, I know of at least one MAJOR WGR Sportscaster who left the station for Greener Pastures because of Shopp and Bulldog’s antics.

    Again, I tell you to check ratings. This time radio ratings. I hear they attribute the major fall in listeners over the past two years to the decline of the Sabres…but I think it has more to do with this duo than anything

    Highest Rated Sports Radio Station in America? Yes…but why? Because there is only one! Cleveland has THREE major sports radio stations…two espns and a foxsports. Columbus has two. COLUMBUS.

    Comment by Bill — December 15, 2008 @ 2:19 pm | Reply

  2. I completely agree with the 2 posts in here. They have to create “off topic” topics in order to generate call volume. Then if the first words out of the callers mouth are not “hey mike, I agree with you 100%”, then they are either disregarded, argued with or hung up on. Unfortunately, they are all there is to listen to if you want news/information on either the Bills or the Sabres. The other day they were discussing how good is Vanek? who would you rather have than Vanek besides the obvious three. So callers call up and offer their OPINION and then those to clowns mostly Schopp, spend 15 minutes telling them how wrong they are.

    I appreciate Bulldog’s point of view much more than Schopp’s. I like him when he dicusses the Bills’ on Howard Simon’s show. I could go on, but bottom line, you are stuck with them.

    Comment by Jon — December 15, 2008 @ 3:15 pm | Reply

  3. Quote: “Even if they’re the only game in town for sports talk …”

    But they’re not, Paul.

    Don’t forget Brad Riter on WECK from 6 to 9 every night … and I’ve been known to talk some sports myself (although it’s not my bread and butter). In fact, just this morning, I spend half an hour talking Bills and Sabres with Tim Schmitt.

    Comment by Scott Leffler — December 15, 2008 @ 6:05 pm | Reply

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