Life in the Slow Lane

November 24, 2008

’24’ fails to deliver all 24

Filed under: Television — pauljlane @ 2:04 pm

My wife and I enjoyed the “24: Redemption” mvoie on Fox Monday night – at least, the first 75 minutes or so.

Without warning, the broadcast became choppy and pixelated during commercials. It worsened to the point that you couldn’t watch the final half-hour due to a scrambled picture and sound.

Did anyone else have this problem? Could this be, as my wife suggested,a  ploy by Fox to get everyone to buy the DVD on Tuesday? Share your thought (but don’t spoil the ending).

Oh, and what we saw was great, as Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) solidified his place as the most fun TV character now on the air.


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