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November 18, 2008

Bills wuss way out of win; Syracuse bids farewell to Robinson

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Well, it’s the day after, I slept on it, but I still can’t get over the Bills’ passive play-calling in their final drive during Monday’s loss to the Cleveland Browns.
With around a minute left, the Bills had a first down on Cleveland’s 35. Rather than trying to get any closer to the end zone of – heaven forbid – score a touchdown, the Bills ran three times up the middle, figuring kicker Rian Lindell would have no problem making a deep kick despite heavily swirling winds.
Lindell missed, the Browns knelt on the ball and the Bills’ playoff hopes were largely dashed.
Why, Why, WHY would the Bills not even ATTEMPT to move closer? I understand that quarterback Trent Edwards had a horrid game, but you’d much rather lose in a true attempt to win rather than pussy-footing your way around the situation.
I had to control my volume as I emplored the coaching staff through the television to advance the ball, nearly waking Penny up in the process. They didn’t listen.
If losing is a learning experience, we in Buffalo should all have doctoral degrees by now.
Speaking of losing football, Syracuse University finally rid itself of football coach Greg Robinson after the worst four years in the program’s history.
Robinson replaced the embattled Paul Pasqualoni, who was on the downturn at SU but did direct the Orange to several BCS games and coached in bowl games most years.
Robinson was supposed to take SU back to prominence, but instead during his four years he made SU the third-best college football program in New York state, even behind the University at Buffalo – the same UB that SU once romped over, and that an ESPN columnist called the toughest school at which to recruit in the nation.
UB is probably going to a bowl game this year, while SU is enduring another two-win season marred by blowout loss after blowout loss. The Orange have greatly regressed during Robinson’s time in Syracuse, and while I’m all in favor of giving a college coach proper time to bring about change his time was overdue.
Anyone have Lane Kiffin’s number?


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