Life in the Slow Lane

November 11, 2008

Family time brings unexpected extra pleasure

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In one of the wildest Friday nights I’ve encountered in a while, I spent the evening watching a crew rumble with some other crew for crazy bling, then kicked it on the couch with the two most fly ladies I know.

That’s right, I watched the pirate “Backyardigans” episode with my wife and daughter.

That night was near the end of my vacation, which allowed me to spend a lot more time with Penny than I have in months. I discovered she goes crazy for animals of the CGI (“Backyardigans”) and puppet (“Sesame Street”) variety, and that she does, in fact, empty her toybox on a daily basis (what she seeks remains a mystery).

Aside from the Penny time – which was fantastic – and time with my wife, I found out that not all kids shows are so bad. “Backyardigans” follows five tykes who go on imagined adventures every day, and “they’ll probably sing a song, and they’ll maybe dance along.” I gotta admit, it’s kinda catchy.

Then there’s the PBS show “Word World” on which everything is made up of a word; the barn, for example, has a small B, bigger A, even larger R that acts as the silo and a shorter N at the other side. This is a cool concept and a great way for kids to learn how to read and spell.

I didn’t even know prior to last week that Penny had a “Backyardigans” DVD, but it was a life-saver during a drive to Ohio and will probably become a nightly staple at our house. I have another vacation in a few weeks, and I look forward to more time with Penny, Pablo, Elmo and everyone else.

Before then, though, we should probably shop around for another DVD to maintain our sanity, because while “Backyardigans” is catchy, you can only listen to Tyrone sing “A Pirate Goes Arr” so many times before going insane.


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