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October 14, 2008

Frank Warren a fairly fun time

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My wife and I went to see PostSecret founder Frank Warren speak last week at the University at Buffalo. A lot of what he said was covered during our previous conversation (written about here), but the evening was still a pretty good time.

The highlight was when Frank invited audience members to share their secrets. One woman revealed to her sister (also in attendance) that she was pregnant. Another man read a secret he found stuck inside a PostSecret book, with the woman behind him revealing that by coincidence, that secret was hers (it was about her clinging to the hoodie of an ex-boyfriend and fantasizing about them remaining together). Other secrets were darker, but nearly all of them were captivating.

Frank did a good job keepin the audience engaged through what could have been a rather mundane evening. He also went about a half-hour past his one-hour time limit, allowing as many people as possible to speak. The line to get an autograph was several hundred people long, so we had to pass on that, but it was still a good time. In a generous move, Frank pledged all of the money from sales of his book that night to the university.

Frank teased about returning to Western New York in February or march, so look back for details if/when they become available. In the meantime, anyone who has Frank coming near them would find it worth the time and money to check him out.


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