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October 8, 2008

Why ‘Sportscenter’ falls flat

Filed under: Television — pauljlane @ 12:16 pm

So Penny and I were up late last night, and while I tried to console her back to sleep I put on “Sportscenter” to see what happened in the world of sports. They teased an ALCS preview, which I looked forward to since I still don’t know much about the Tampa Bay Rays.

Well, color me baffled and disgusted that the “preview” consisted of a music video cutting back and forth between dozens of Rays and Boston Red Sox highlights with some generic rock song blaring in the background.

“Sportscenter” has relied on this sort of highlight package for sometime, since the advent of the “Ultimate Highlight” on Sundays that splice together the week’s best plays.

Well, it stinks.

What ever happened to a simple showing of plays with description behind them? I want to see highlights and thoughtful, planned out coverage of upcoming events, not a rock show. ESPN increasingly drops its standards to cater to the common fan, and it’s a shame.

Please, PLEASE just show the games themselves in the future. If I want music videos, I’ll turn to MT … or wait, VH … no, I guess YouTube.


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