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August 8, 2008

Retro radio gimmick quickly grows old

Filed under: Music — pauljlane @ 12:46 pm

I was out on break this afternoon, and while driving in my car I tuned into several stations that hosted some variation on the “Throwback at Noon” theme.
During the noon hour, the offending stations find it cool, or cute, or whatever, to play songs from 20-30 years ago.
My only question is this: Since The Fat Boys were bad in the 1980s, why are they good now?
I don’t need to waste my time listening to songs I didn’t care about the first time around (yes, I did take my own advice and change the station).
To be fair, I’ve been out in situations where a group of people (usually women, for some reason) go ga-ga whenever some Journey starts crankin’ through the speakers. Ugh. I don’t know who decided that anything that’s retro is cool, but I need to lodge a formal complaint with them.
Why do radio stations need gimmicks at all? Can’t they just let the quality of their music/programming stand on its … oh, wait, usually not. Well, regardless, old does not equal good, or even worth playing.
Local radio stations have a wide variety of modern garbage to play (and they do most of the day). Why pull Dexys Midnight Runners off of the shelf? “Come On Eileen” was bad in the 1980s, it was putrid in the 1990s and it stinks now.



  1. Ok, I am one of those radio listeners that still likes Journey.It’s timeless. However,I do agree that “Come on Eileen “was awful. And I had never seen the video before but now I really wish I hadn’t seen it.

    Comment by Lynnemarie — August 9, 2008 @ 9:58 pm | Reply

  2. I love Journey. It reminds me of being 5 and cruising around in my Aunt’s gold ’78 Trans Am with the T-tops off feeling like the king of the world.

    And that is probably what it comes down too. Music is attached to memories, even if the music was not all that great. Pop music today is not all that great either and is equally dispensible, but 20 years from now someone will be hear it and be flooded with memories of thier youth.

    I could listen to 80’s all night long and be wrapped up in the memories of my child hood that they bring back.

    Besides, what is wrong with Journey? Steve Perry’s voice and sound was iconic of the early 80’s. As for Come o Eilleen, it is a fun song you can shout out, though it has been played to death, just like Sweet Caroline etc. Although worn, a majority would admit they are still fun.

    Comment by MJ — August 13, 2008 @ 9:54 am | Reply

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