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July 24, 2008

‘Step Brothers’ is stupid fun

Filed under: Movies — pauljlane @ 9:58 am
Fun doesn't get much dumber than Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly in "Step Brothers."

Fun doesn't get much dumber than Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly in "Step Brothers."

We went to see “Step Brothers” last night, the new Will Ferrell comedy where he and John C. Reilly become relation after their parents get married.
Boy, was it stupid.
And boy, was it funny.
Don’t expect an ounce of intelligence if you go to see this; in fact, your IQ may drop a few points during the roughly 90-minute film.
But some of the stuff that comes out of their mouths (their filthy, filthy mouths) makes you wonder what would happen if such active imaginations could be put to good use.
Both men do excellent jobs portraying 40-year-olds whose refusal to grow up begins to wear on their parents. The bunk bed scene seen in so many commercials is still funny when you watch it play out in full (what are they planning when they preach about “so much more space for activities?”), with plenty of Chewbacca, dinosaur and curse-laced references to keep the laughs coming. Especially in the scenes when they’re in bed at night, Reilly and Ferrell trade barbs that come so funny and fast that you miss two jokes because you’re laughing at the last one (“As soon as your eyes shut, I oughta punch you square in the face” – classic).
Heck, they even manage to get a couple laughs out of opera.
If you want to be stimulated by the movie you see this weekend, avoid “Step Brothers.” If you want to turn your brain on auto-pilot and come up with plenty of R-rated quotes to trade with buddies on Monday, this is a can’t-miss.

And you’ll never be able to think of “white dog poop” again without wanting to vomit.


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