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July 18, 2008

More from Kim Alexis, Wolf Blitzer

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As promised in Sunday Lifestyle, here are more excerpts from my interviews with Kim Alexis and Wolf Blitzer. If you missed the original story, you can find it here.

Kim Alexis

Having given up modeling some time ago, she thought the opportunity “She’s Got the Look” provided was a natural progression. She hosts the TV Land series, which searches for female models ages 35 and older, and thoroughly enjoyed the first season.

“It’s not a show that tears down and rips apart this women as much as highlight things these women can change and give them the tools to change them,” she said of the show, which was renewed for a second season after wrapping up season No. 1 earlier this month.

Aside from the fact that she’s now in that age bracket, Alexis feels over-35s are a neglected part of America, something which research backs up.

“Advertisers are changing, saying most consumers are over 35. They are the ones out shopping for the family,” she said. “I do like being a spokesperson to encourage other women. I know what they’ve been through. I know what they’re going through.”

Wolf Blitzer

An absolute pleasure to speak with, I got 10 minutes with the former Kenmore resident the other day after three weeks of sending e-mails and calling CNN (I also tried to get someone from the UB Alumni Office to reach him).

The wait was worth it. he seemed genuinely glad to speak to someone from his hometown paper, and took time to chide me because of my high school (I went to Kenmore East, he to Kenmore West).

When I asked him about the never-ending political coverage that dominates his network, he acknowledge that a lot of what CNN and its rivals do now get a bit overblown. But, he said, it’s not pulled from thin air.

“I see it as a fact of life,” Blitzer, the network’s lead political analyst, said of the 2008 election coverage. “Almost as soon as an election is over with, people start looking four years down the road to the next election. People start committees, strategists get going.”

This year has been especially interesting, he said, because of the prolonged process by which Barack Obama won the Democratic nomination over Hillary Clinton.

“No one thought the Democratic nomination would take 50 states and seven or eight territories to decide,” he said.

What some might see as too much coverage, Blitzer said he thrives upon.

“it’s been a thrill for me to make a living learning and doing what I’d be doing even if I’d been a lawyer, a doctor or anything else.


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