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July 14, 2008

Longer ‘Imaginationland’ coming to Comedy Central

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It's more than a decade old, but you still need to respect the authoritah of Cartman and "South Park."

It's more than a decade old, but you still need to respect the authoritah of Cartman and "South Park."

This from Comedy Central, which announced that it will air the feature-length “Imaginationland” three-part show from “South Park” uncut with added footage later this month.

“South Park” just keeps getting better, as this past season was perhaps its best. The “Guitar Hero” episode – complete with acoustic songs on the guitar joystick – was classic, as was the “Canada on Strike” episode and Butters’ “What What in the Butt” song (visit South Park Studios to see more). The “Imaginationland” episodes were also great, especially in the retro factor of seeing bad guys such as Freddie Kruger and Shredder fight for supremacy.

This show is crass and uses foul language, but hidden beneath that is probably the most intelligent series on television today. It just keeps getting better and, even in its 10th season, has more bite than a rabid pit bull.


This is from Comedy Central Press:

– Viewers’ imaginations are about to be blown with the Network Television Premiere of “South Park Imaginationland: The Trilogy,” airing on Sunday, July 27 at 10:00 p.m. (ET/PT) on COMEDY CENTRAL.

“South Park” took the world by storm last fall with its historic “Imaginationland” trilogy. Now, for the first time on network television, the trilogy will air as a feature-length, director’s cut film, complete with previously unaired footage created especially for the movie. Watch Stan and Kyle try to stop the United States Army from nuking Imaginationland while Butters leads the resistance from inside everyone’s wildest dreams. Meanwhile, a wronged Cartman is out to get Kyle down on his knees to make good on a bet. Join Kyle, Stan, Cartman, Butters, Al Gore and Mel Gibson as they follow the terrorists to the gates of Imaginationland and make the world safe for everyone’s imagination!


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