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June 25, 2008

‘Breakout’ is awful, ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ finale on tap

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With “The Moment of Truth” not airing Tuesday night on Fox, we decided to give ABC’s new game show “Breakout” a try.

What a disaster.

The show isn’t aired as a straight competition. Rather, music video-style snippets of the action are spliced together pretty much however the editor felt like doing it, with the announcers making lame jokes throughout.

The show basically is an hour-long Stupid Human Trick, with contestants competing in various challenges such as running an obstacle course after spinning for 30 seconds, and having to jump over a rotating horizontal column while on a thin platform. Of course, everyone conveniently fit some mold so they could have a catchy nickname, but I still couldn’t recite one of the the following morning.

We tried – TRIED – to watch the whole 60 minutes, but we caved with about 10 minutes left. If this show survives another week, I’d be shocked.

As for “Hell’s Kitchen,” Corey was eliminated after another overall good service, leaving Petrozza and Christina to battle for the six-figure executive chef job next week.

The contestants got try-outs next to Ramsay at the hot spot during the service. Petrozza was forceful but missed a dish that was intentionally made wrong; Christina identified the dish but couldn’t take control; Corey was overall not that great but did the best job preparing food.

I predicted Niagara Falls’ own Bobby Anderson and Corey to make the finals last month. I was wrong, but it seems that as the series has progressed the best two people do, in fact, remain. Petrozza has been rock-steady for at least three weeks, while Christina has won three straight individual challenges and seems to be the more focused of the two. Both seem capable, but based on experience (Petrozza is twice Christina’s age, and she is still a culinary student) Ramsay would be wise to pick him unless he completely falls apart next week.


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