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June 24, 2008

Why do musicians avoid Buffalo?

Filed under: Music — pauljlane @ 9:19 am

David Cook and the rest of the American Idols will not visit Buffalo.The big Stone Temple Pilots reunion tour has dates this summer in the music hotbeds of Akron, Ohio, Canandaigua and Wantagh – but not Buffalo.

The forthcoming American Idol Live tour will visit Rochester and Albany – but not Buffalo.

Jimmy Buffett will visit East Troy, Wisc., Bridgeview, Ill., and Wantagh – but not Buffalo (Ok, maybe that’s a good thing).

Bon Jovi overlooked here on his most recent tour. So did Jerry Seinfeld (who also went to Albany).

Does HSBC Arena charge too much for rent? Are they afraid of being near the border in case a war with Canada suddenly breaks out? Do they refuse to come here on principle because Fuccillo’s “HUUGGGEEE” commercials dominate the airwaves?

In any case, Western New Yorkers have long been deprived of the biggest shows. Probably because of our proximity to Toronto, the biggest shows figure we can just go up there. Sure, it’s not too far, but there’s still enough of an audience here to sell out most shows.

It’s OK, Big-Time Acts. There’s no snow for at least a few more months. Feel free to stop on by any time. Really, we’ll come.


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