Life in the Slow Lane

June 10, 2008

Daughter’s development TOOOO sweet

Filed under: Parenting — pauljlane @ 12:40 pm

Penny seemingly gains ability to do more things every day. TLike I need a reason to post a picture of my daughter ...his morning, she took two unassisted steps toward her mother (not her first, but the first I’d seen), then clapped along with us when we applauded her effort.

As my wife put it best, where is the video camera when you need it?

She’s coming up on 11 months old, and my wife and I spent part of this past weekend discussing her birthday party in July. We’re not sure how many people to invite, what exactly to do or really about anything, but we know we want it to be special – as special as each one of these things she accomplishes.

You know she shouldn’t, but it’s hard not to laugh when she throws her snakcs on the floor (Penny discovered that the dog will come to her and eat them, which gets Penny closer to her goal of pulling on the closest dog appendage available). And even if she’s staying up past bedtime or getting into things she shouldn’t, when Penny laughs it’s impossible not to join in (she’s also started turning on the waterworks sometimes when I tell her no – whether she’s faking is unknown).

Each thing she does makes me look forward more to the next first-time thing she accomplishes – except maybe that first date.


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