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June 4, 2008

‘Moment of Truth’ takes much longer to develop

Filed under: Television — pauljlane @ 10:48 am

I consider Fox’s “The Moment of Truth” to be a great guilty pleasure. The game s\'The Moment of Truth\" is a popular game show, but it could be challenges contestants to answer increasingly embarassing and revealing questions for a prize of up to $500,000.

While it’s kinda fun in a creepy to watch them squirm, the show could be put together much better. Tuesday’s episode took 10 minutes to reveal the contestant, as the intro was unnecessarily devoted to footage of past contestants being embarrassed. After breaking for commercial, the show devotes a minute or more coming out of break to air what was just seen (the question being reasked and the contestant – usually in phony fashion – being shocked by it). And the voice overdubs trying to drum up the drama are flat-out lies; Tuesday’s contestant, was said to be “heartless” and “would do anything to get the $500,000” only she stopped at the game’s halfway point.

The editing needs to be more crisp, the drama turned down a notch and that ridiculous crowd reaction needs to be toned down (we get that these questions are revealing, we don’t need “OOOHHHHH” ever time). Minor details, perhaps, but it’s nitpicks such as this that could keep the show from being great. I realize that the show needs to be stretched to fill an hour, but there has to be a better way than to use 15 or more minutes of reaired material.

Not that I’ll be able to look away either way, of course.


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