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May 30, 2008

‘She’s Got the Look’ has familiar appearance

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Give the creative minds at the TV Land cable network credit for trying to cover new territory in creating original programming.

Even in doing so, though, the network has created a show with a feel that’s quite familiar.

“She’s Got the Look,” which premieres its six-episode run June 4, is a different type of competition. The model search is exclusively for women ages 35 and older, allowing those who thought their chance at stardom had passed another shot at the top.

The premiere episode, of which I obtained an advance copy, follows the standard reality opening of most competition series. A bunch of women parade themselves in front of the panel of judges, which includes Buffalo native Beverly Johnson, with them whittling the hundreds down to 20 semifinalists. Also included are your worn-out blooper sequences with women who can’t dance, or who don’t know how to pose, or who otherwise aren’t right for this show.

Many of those who try out are women who gave up their pursuit of a modeling career for family, love or another reason. It’s fun to see them get another chance, but at the same time it’s a bit depressing to see women who should have grown past this phase still base their self-worth on looks.

Nonetheless, it’s especially gratifying to see the judges OK 63-year-old Sharon, who looks at least 15 years younger (and tries to shave four years off her age when first asked). She was one of the 10 women who passed the semifinal round (a trial that consisted of a pro modeling shoot), making her the elder stateswoman among the finalists by more than a decade.

The clips of advance episode appear to offer little else that is new to reality fans. You’re in for your standard drama of cooping contestants into the same house, putting them in unfamiliar situations, etc.

The top prize – a modeling contract and a Self Magazine photo spread – is definitely worth the effort. Unfortunately, this series is not, which is too bad considering that the producers went out on such a limb with the concept.

“She’s Got the Look” might be worth a look if nothing else is on, but otherwise it’s probably best to look elsewhere.

• WHAT: “She’s Got the Look” model search reality show
• WHEN: 10 p.m. Wednesdays starting June 4



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