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May 28, 2008

‘Password’ fun to watch, play along with

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Game show fans and those who enjoy a good time would be wise to check out “Million Dollar Password” when it debuts Sunday night on CBS. (visit for the full story)

With Regis Philbin at the helm the show features contestants paired with celebrities as they try to guess a key word based on the other person’s one-word clues. After one round, the person with the most points advances to the bonus round and the chance at $1 million.

It nearly was impossible to avoid playing along with the advance version of the show sent to this office. You don’t really choose sides, but you find yourself offering clues when the contestants get stumped. The game is impossible to not have fun with.

The celebrities get into it, as well. Neil Patrick Harris visibly feels the ebbs and flows of the game with his partner, with Rachael Ray getting more excited with every clue.

The show will air six episodes over the summer, but if those involved are wise they’d pick the series up for a full run come the fall.



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  1. I love games you can play along to. Wheel of Fortune is a classic but I still love it because I can still play along. Same with Family Feud and even Who Wants To Be a Millionaire. I’ll have to check out Million Dollar Password.

    I’m really excited for The Mole coming up in June. It’s like a spy mystery gameshow reality show. You can kind of play along at home and try to guess who the Mole is, but it has that continuity that keeps you hooked every week and the weekly eliminations that keep you in suspense. I loved the show when Anderson Cooper hosted it several years ago. I hope it’s just as good as it was.

    Comment by Caitlin — May 29, 2008 @ 12:43 am | Reply

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