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May 19, 2008

Darien Lake disappoints

Filed under: Entertainment — pauljlane @ 9:47 am

I went to Darien Lake Theme Park last week to catch the opening of the Orange County Choppers MotoCoaster; video can be found here:

While the ride looks great (although at 39 seconds it’s over fast), the event was not that great. First, Mikey and Paul Jr. from “American Chopper” were 50 minutes late for the grand opening.

Since it’s their party, they can do that, but park officials then completely failed to organize the event. No announcements were made as to their status, then when the guests at the event were told to get in line to ride the coaster, there was no one guiding people, so everyone just sorta stood around for a while (I was on deadline and couldn’t afford to wait for someone to get a clue, so I left).

One notable sighting at the event was Shayna Raichilson-Zadok, the Buffalo resident who recently was eliminated from “Hell’s Kitchen.” She was there to drum up business for her new catering company, the Steel Crazy Cafe at 191 Allen St. (write to for more information). Give her credit for doing what she can to make a success out of her cooking dreams (her infant child is beautiful, as well)


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