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May 14, 2008

‘Wedding Dash’ is simplistic fun

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If you’ve ever dreamed of being a wedding planner, your ideal game has arrived.

Brighter Minds Media LLC recently released ‘Wedding Dash” for play on Windows and Mac platforms. The game follows a wanna-be wedding planner who gets roped into planning a friend’s nuptials. A good performance there leads to more jobs, which end up taking up the character’s entire summer.

The game is dumbed down a bit, as the first part of the wedding is planning the meal, flowers and honeymoon (you convert the orders “The bride loves seafood” into a shrimp scampi appetizer, for example).

Once the plans are done, you take the lead at the reception, where it’s your job to seat guests, deliver their presents, feed them and get them on the dance floor. The game play – complemented by simplistic graphics – basically amounts to a bunch of point-and-clicking, but it’s not without its charm. Lighter moments include breaking up bridesmaid fights before the bride gets upset and extinguishing kitchen fires.

The commentary from the happy couple (The groom blurts out at one point, “She’s doing a great job planning our wedding, I’m going to remember her for my next one”) are amusing, but you’re too busy dragging guests to tables and doling out asparagus tips to read them sometimes.

Career mode sees your character take on tougher weddings with bigger menus, guest lists and tables. As you progress, you earn power-ups such as a faster cook or bigger serving table, but additional challenges also crop up, such as an aunt whose uncontrollable crying threatens to sour the mood.

“Wedding Dash” is not for serious gamers, but it fills a niche for the type of people who prefer faux-life games such as “The Sims.”

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