Life in the Slow Lane

May 12, 2008

So very, very tired

Filed under: Parenting — pauljlane @ 2:40 pm

My wife and I are coming off a fairly exhausting weekend. First of all, Mother’s Day kept us busy for pretty much every minute (Nicole’s first, which was quite exciting). Then little Penny refused to sleep in her crib for more than an hour, leading us to take turns holding her in the rocker while trying to sleep a couple hours.

Most of Penny’s first 9+ months were spent with her spending her nights in her crib. Only within the past couple weeks has she started this new phase of not wanting to bunk there.

She’ll sleep for a little while before she cries for you. A march up the stairs leads one of us to find her – on her feet, hands on the top of the railing, peeking around the corner in anticipation of one of us rescuing her. The waterworks turn off almost immediately when she’s picked up, and she often falls to sleep by the time we’re halfway down the stairs.

Try to put her back, though, and she pops up faster than a jack-in-the-box.

Hopefully this phase quickly passes. I love cuddling with her and I know Nicole does as well, but the chair doesn’t stay comfortable all night and Penny is a bit of a writher, like myself.

There is one benefit that can’t be beat, though. She usually pops up about 7 a.m., fully awake, grins from ear to ear to ear and hugs you, as if to say, “Thanks for being there.” After that, how bad can you really feel?


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